White Paper

This document describes the use of Aut and its purpose. everyone who owns this token is responsible for their own use and the creators, partners and collaborators will not be responsible for the improper or illegitimate use of it.
It will be expanded but will not change between the months of June and September 2023, to show the project and its virtues in more detail. This is because it was presented to public and political bodies so that they can execute their legal guarantee. This document contains only its main objectives.


This project was born from the need to improve the quality, cost and ease of use of tokenized transactions from any domain, whether in applications, games or simply for commercial use. This is presented as an easily accessible service for any individual who wants to acquire it anywhere.

Our main orientation is the introduction to robotics, automation, industries 4.0 as well as artificial intelligence on which we will focus throughout the project involving education in the process. This will be achieved through a technology hub, which will be the headquarters for conducting research and projects related to these issues, creating innovations, products and services that can then be sold to interested parties as well as their patents.

Robotics projects

These projects will be dedicated to the specialization in robotics, whether they are anthropomorphic robots, industrial robots, biorobots and arduinos. We will try to achieve solutions and innovations that stand out from the rest, interacting with the different departments inside and outside the technological pole.

Artificial intelligence

Here we will focus on the construction of programs to achieve bots that help generate automatic responses or predictions, with databases and programming languages ​​to involve them in robotics projects in the near future. for example, create facial recognition programs or generate a dialogue with a robotic device.

Industrial automation

Within industrial automation and industries 4.0 we can find that robotics and artificial intelligence are increasingly notable, from improving quality and production in factories through robots, to predicting the behavior of a company in the coming months. we will focus on building for the need and innovating for this highly demanded area.

Games and Apps

We will make games and applications that demand what Aut offers, to achieve a greater reach of our product by incorporating it into our own services apart from providing them to interested external agents.


We focus on the community, that is why we will offer high yields in our product, 50% of the total tokens will be distributed over the years, since this is a long-term project, the annual release of the token will be 3.5% for the contributors. In necessary cases, it could be extended to 4%, where 0.5% will be for external to the bet (growth or development of the ecosystem). It is notified months in advance.

We find two forms of participation: The first will be through betting on technological or scientific innovation projects, which before you know the start, you will be able to decide if it is of your interest or not. For this case, at least 2 projects will be shown so that the community can decide which one they think is more viable. After a month the decision will be made and its development will begin. There will also be different bonuses that will be given to Aut holders when it is successfully researched.
2% of that 3.5% released will be dedicated to this form of stake and will not exceed 3 projects per year. The 2% of the release already mentioned will be added to the 2% already in circulation to achieve a 4% yield that will be divided into 3, 1/3 for each project ( 1.3% of the total). Before starting, the minimum and maximum earnings will be given in case the product or service is sold or integrated into the market. The profits will be agreed by the percentage of cooperation of each one. If the project is not sold, the maximum profit difference is added and accumulated to the next project and so on. The sold project will be deducted 25% of the accumulation to integrate it to the next project, the difference to reach the maximum of 4% will be achieved with circulation.

Another way to contribute is betting their Aut to the production of knowledge, this will be achieved by betting on a study team, which each individual will have to pay a monthly fee for their learning, and it will be obtained from 1% of the annual release added to 2% of the total that will be granted of the in circulation, which makes a total of 3% redistributed in 12 months for those who contribute their Aut. The bimonthly reward may not exceed 50% of your contribution.
At the end of the year you will be awarded a special bonus for annual participation.

All profits will be in Aut and offers will be made at the beginning of each project with a limit x of tokens to distribute, which will be made based on the percentage of each contributor. These values ​​will be displayed at first regardless of their dollar value.


The distribution will be achieved in the following way, always talking about the amount of total token.

- 50% will be distributed over time to Aut contributors for staking

- 20% for strategic release that will be released in a way that does not affect the market or its price abruptly, will be released gradually.

- 10% to customers who trust Aut, integrating this token to their applications or games on

- 20% will be to release liquidity in exchanges with the possibility of 10% more if necessary.

Road map

This is a long-term project, in which we decided to dedicate our life and passion. But we believe in what we do. By mid-2023 (month 6-9) we will have proposed the project to homologate it under the corresponding regulations and laws, as well as under public and legal order. From this process, the acquisition of missing materials for the projects demanded and mentioned above will begin, it is estimated that by the end of 2023 (month 11-12). For the first quarter of 2024 we will meet with professionals in the area to organize the activities, so that by the second quarter of that year we can start the projects in which the simplest ones would take about 3 months, and the most complex ones maybe years. . . All estimated times will be informed to our website months in advance. We believe that by the beginning of 2025 we will have large-scale projects transforming companies and people dedicated to technology. remember that they are estimated times and depend on many external factors. but we promise to be able to do all this in less time than previously said.